Warren Township Council of PTA's

Established 1937

The Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent and Teacher and Student Association (PTSA) exists as a means of providing programs and services necessary to meet the needs and interests of students at our schools. The PTA/PTSA encourages collaboration and engagement of families, educators, and lawmakers in the education of our children and youth.

Please join our PTA/PTSA today and start making an impact. Whether you choose to take an active role in our PTA/PTSA or not, your membership alone is a great starting point. There is power in numbers. Help improve your student's overall school experience. Help make our school and community better. If you love to advocate, there are opportunities through the Indiana PTA. If you would like to volunteer, watch your involvement make a difference.

It's a fact: Kids do better when parents are engaged in their learning.

Board Members

President: Kathryn Basham

Vice Presidents: Veronika Grimes & Tonia Turner

Treasurer: Diane Simon

Secretary: Kim Walthers

How to Join

Our Warren Township Council of PTAs does not request any membership dues from our 15 local PTA units. All board officers from our 15 local PTA units, along with their school administrator, are members of our Council PTA.

Questions? Email us at WarrenPTACouncil@gmail.com

Additional Information can be found on our PTA website here.

Social Media

Facebook: "Warren Township Council of PTAs" and "Sonny Day Warren Township"

Instagram: "Sonny_Day_Warren_Township"

Online: "sonnyday.org"

National PTA Awards & Grants

2021 - $5,000 Grant Winner to host a "National PTA Community Relief Fund - Continuation Grant Sponsored by Tik Tok" for Sonny Day!

2020 - $15,000 Grant Winner to host a "National COVID-19 Community Relief, Sponsored by Tik Tok, Norton LikeLock and Huntington Ingalls Industries" to use for Sonny Day!

2018 - $1,000 Grant Winner to host a "PTA Connected with Facebook, Digital Families Community Event" sponsored by Facebook.

Special Annual Events

  • Create a Discount Card for our local PTA units to use as an extra incentive to join our PTAs

  • Host Warren Homefest

  • Operate the Sonny Day Food, Toiletry, and Clothing Pantry

Fundraising activities:

  • Warren Homefest

  • Donations from the Community

Council PTA Logo

Address: 975 North Post Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219