Critical Thinking, Communication, Resilience, Citizenship, Content Knowledge, Collaboration

Bright Futures

We prepare students to succeed as lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Through purposeful learning and teaching methods, MSD of Warren Township is preparing our graduates to be critical thinkers and participatory citizens, ready for the world. We want each student to reach their full potential, find fulfillment, and thrive.

Our District-wide program - Journey of a Graduate - focuses on six skills and dispositions identified by our community as needed for success. These six critical skills are woven into everything we do.

Citizenship - contributing to our community in a meaningful way.

Collaboration - Working with others to achieve better results

Communication - Expressing ideas through listening, discussion, and awareness of impact

Content Knowledge - Developing a strong foundation to support future learning opportunities

Critical Thinking - Engaging in analysis and reasoning to arrive at a conclusion

Resilience - Using skills and strategies to thrive, adapt and overcome challenging situations

What does “College Readiness” and “Career Readiness” mean?

College readiness refers to the skillset and knowledge necessary for a high school student to make a successful transition to an institution of higher learning.

Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies and employability skills that broadly prepare individuals for a successful transition into the workplace.

Critical Thinking & Content Knowledge



Investing in the Future of our Graduates

MSD of Warren Township has a Coordinator of College and Career Readiness focused on promoting and expanding opportunities for students from K-12. In addition, the District has doubled our number of counselors, whose impact can be felt in every school.

Our counselors support students in developing career awareness and forge relationships to help guide students along their educational path to post-secondary success. Students' abilities and interests play a critical role from an early age. Throughout the journey of our graduates, counselors strive to build individualized partnerships and pathways that will allow students to excel both academically and personally. Counselors focus on developing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and resiliency skills that will serve students on any path.

Career & College Readiness Coordinator

Investing in the future of our graduates

Warren Central student receives help from academic coach during Saturday tutoring session

Investing in Relationships with Students & Families

At Warren Central High School and in our Intermediate Middle Schools, administrators, counselors, and academic coaches follow the entire class for all four years, intentionally supporting students and families and building communities. Our Warren Township staff strive to build deep relationships with students and their families over time, in order to provide personalized attention and support for students. This community of assistance, guidance, and advocacy is foundational for preparing students for fulfilling futures.

Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) are creative, personal, and often inspiring ways for students to earn extra credits outside of the traditional classroom while demonstrating proficiency and mastery of course competencies. Credits are awarded over a diverse array of subjects and areas of interest, such as foreign language, health, manufacturing, business, statistics, psychology and philosophy, and fine arts.

While some students complete internships, others participate in job shadowing experiences, or independent studies. Others opt to complete an ELO as a team—and all worked with dedicated community partners.

Walker Career Center Culinary student learns valuable hands-on skills in the kitchen

Walker Career Center construction trades student

Walker Career Center student gains valuable hands-on learning experience at local car dealership

Nationally Recognized Walker Career Center

As the first Indiana Department of Education STEM certified school, Walker Career Center serves students from Warren Central, New Palestine, Greenfield, Triton Central, Morristown, and Mt. Vernon High Schools. Our award-winning career center offers twenty programs that utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology that meet or exceed industry standards. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the global economy.

At Walker Career Center, students have the opportunity to take courses in Business and Information Technology (BIT), Engineering and Technology Education (ETE), Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS), and specialized Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. These courses are hands-on, rigorous, and relevant, and will prepare students for life after high school graduation.

Walker Career Center Welding student gains valuable career readiness skills

Student plans to study finance in college

Walker Career Center learn skills for a future dental career

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