The Warren Township School Police Department is focused on providing a secure and safe learning environment, both inside and outside the school district, for all students and staff. The district is comprised of 19 schools with over 12,000 students, all with the goal of providing a valuable education to those students in our community. As a school-based police department, we promote the importance of developing positive relationships with students and the community by engaging through outreach programs and student-focused safety programs.

Our statutory Police Department is tasked with providing safety and security for the students and staff within the district, which is accomplished through the following:

  • Full-time school safety officers (SSOs) are stationed in each of our secondary schools. Our roving Warren Police Officers cover all elementary, secondary, transportation, and administrative buildings.
  • During the course of the school day, all perimeter doors are locked. All visitors, personnel, and late students must enter through the main door of the building and are subjected to an identification and security check. Trespassed individuals or offenders are not permitted into the school building.
  • Officers also help direct bus traffic and student drop-off during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.
  • All bus radio communication is monitored by Warren Police Officers.
  • Foot patrols and classroom visits of all schools by the SSOs and Warren Police Officers.
  • Teaching students about police officer responsibilities, bullying, and the importance of safety in the classroom.
  • Directing and assisting with various safety drills at each school.

Adrian Pettis, Police Chief, Warren Township Schools

  • Bullying
  • After Hours Emergency - 317-258-1363

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